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How many processes do you need to master to make oil seals?

2024-06-29 18:50:06

Oil seals are rubber seals which are widely used nowadays. How many processes do you need to master to make oil seals? Next, Xingtai Xinchi Rubber and Plastic Products Co.,Ltd. will give you a detailed introduction.

Blending of oil seal (sealing ring) production process: In foreign countries, this oil seal production process has been widely used to manufacture rubber mixtures by internal mixer. Automatic weighing mixing, automatic feeding, automatic welding mixing and dispensing, high production efficiency and good quality of resin.

Semi-finished product manufacturing of oil seal production process: Precision pre-forming machine is widely used in foreign semi-finished product manufacturing machinery. Its characteristics are accurate weight of semi-finished products, regular geometric switches, high production efficiency, saving rubber, high qualified rate of products. It is also a necessary means to effectively realize high temperature and rapid vulcanization process. There are also some domestic seal manufacturers to introduce the equipment, but most of the seal manufacturers still use sliver cutters and manual cutting semi-finished products.


Efficient vulcanization technology and equipment for oil seal production process: The development of oil seal vulcanization technology and equipment is mainly high temperature (180-200 C or higher), which can be vulcanized in a short time (1-2 min). For this reason, fully automatic vacuum vulcanizing machine and injection machine are widely used, which makes the operation units mechanized and automated, shortens the operation time, and improves the utilization rate of equipment and labor productivity.

Skeleton surface treatment of oil seal (sealing ring) production process: Generally, full automatic Vulcanization Process is adopted, which can be strictly controlled in the process.

New structure die for oil seal production process: Edge tearing die widely used in foreign countries. The die is installed on the template, which can be automatically opened, the product can be automatically off molded, and the rubber edge can be cut by hand.