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What is the cause of oil seal leakage?

2024-06-29 18:42:46

Oil seal is our customary name for lubricating oil seals. It is a mechanical element used to seal grease. It can isolate the parts that need to be lubricated in the transmission parts from the output parts, so as not to allow the oil to leak.

Oil seals are divided into static seals and dynamic seals, and their main function is to seal and lubricate. When the oil seal is working normally, there will be a layer of oil slick between the oil seal lip and the shaft. This layer of oil slick not only has a sealing effect, but also has a lubricating effect.


The specific reasons for oil seal leakage are as follows:

Natural aging of oil seals reduces sealing ability.
Excessive wear or deformation of bearings.
The oil seal will be worn to a certain extent during use.
When installing, the oil seal is not in place.
Excessive lubricating oil is used near the oil seal or the vent hole is blocked.
The type of oil seal used does not match the engine.
Although oil seal oil leakage faults are relatively common, and the reasons for oil leakage faults are also various, but oil seal oil leakage faults are relatively easy to solve. As long as you pay more attention to observe the vehicle and find problems in time, you can control the accident to a minimum. In order to prevent the accident from expanding, it can also avoid the further expansion of the accident and cause greater economic losses to the riders.