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What to pay attention to when installing O-rings?

2024-06-29 18:29:41

As one of the effective conditions for sealing equipment, O-rings are also very important for their preservation. Newly purchased seals should be as isolated as possible from the external environment to prevent corrosion or wear. During the installation process, attention should also be paid to the stability of these basic conditions to prevent foreign matter from entering into the instability of the sealed environment. When storing and installing O-rings, the following requirements should be observed to prevent damage to the proper operation and quality of the O-rings.


Precautions when installing O-rings:

rings will occasionally change color during storage, that is, white powder will be produced on the surface of the O-ring, which will not adversely affect the function of the O-ring.

Prevent tying on needles or metal wires to avoid O-ring deformation and lip damage.

Try not to open the original packaging of the O-ring when not in use, so as to avoid damage to the O-ring caused by foreign objects in the O-ring.

Consider applying sealing medium on the groove and O-ring during installation.

When installing into the groove, be careful not to twist the O-ring.

Try to prevent direct sunlight or place it near high temperature heat sources such as boilers to avoid aging of the sealing ring.

The last thing to note is that the O-ring is a one-time sealing material and will not recover from wear after use. So while the replaced o-ring itself is still intact, it is somewhat stressed and degraded in function, so it cannot be used again. Regular replacement of new O-rings is conducive to maintaining the mechanical sealing effect and prolonging the service life of mechanical components.