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2022 Most Popular FKM Material Brown Rubber Oil Seal FKM oil seals

Short Description:

Product Name :TC Oil seal

Material:NBR FKM

Color :Bronw

Max Pressure :0.03 MPa

Temp range: -20~250℃

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Description

  • Standard Parts

  • Type: TC

  • Material: Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR)+ Metal frame + Spring

  • Colour: Black

  • Working pressure: 0.3bar

  • Working Temperature: -20 to +100℃

  • Material hardness: 70 degrees

  • Medium: Mineral oil, Synthetic oil, Water

  • Dimensions: inner diameter * outer diameter * height, unit: mm (mm)

Features: corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, and wear resistance.

Scope of application: automobiles, machinery, decoration, electrical appliances, cylinders, bearings, pumps, water pipes, valves, spraying, oil drums, chemical pipelines.

Uses: hole seals, oil seals, water seals, dust seals, guide rings, fixed seals, shaft seals.

You can choose the right product according to your requirements (inner diameter, outer diameter, thickness, etc.). After the single-chip automatic cutting machine is formed, the section is neat, the product is beautiful in appearance, accurate in size, easy to assemble, and time-saving and labor-saving.