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What’s the Valve Cover Gasket?

Some car owners inexplicably feel that the ignition system is faulty or the engine is shaking during the driving process. Why is this? After investigating a lot of problems, it was found that there was a problem with the valve chamber gasket. As a part of the engine, the valve cover gasket is often a trivial thing. When it has a problem, why does it cause such serious consequences?


First of all, let us know what a valve cover gasket is. The valve cover gasket is located in a ring of sealing material between the engine valve cover and the cylinder head. Below is the engine camshaft and valve train. It is always  exposed to high temperature and pressure with slight corrosion. Working in a sexual environment will inevitably cause aging due to long-term work, resulting in poor air tightness and oil leakage.


In some cars, the oil that seeps out will pour back into the ignition system, causing damage to the spark plugs and ignition coils, and the engine will start to vibrate, so the aging and failure of the valve chamber pads are often caused by ignition system failure or engine vibration. perceived.It is often difficult for car owners to pay attention to the problem of valve chamber gaskets. And in daily maintenance, how can we find and solve problems in time?

In fact, we can prevent problems before they happen. When we observe oil seeping out of the gap between the valve cover and the cylinder head, it means that the valve gasket needs to be replaced. Usually, most models will appear after more than 100,000 kilometers, but some vehicles can observe oil seepage after driving 50,000 kilometers. Therefore, checking the appearance of the engine regularly is an important guarantee for safe driving.


The common materials of valve cover gasket are silicone, nitrile rubber, ACM rubber and stainless steel, which can reliably and effectively block the leakage of oil and the entry of impurities, so that the engine power performance is better. It will be different, and it is necessary to purchase valve chamber materials for certain models, and specific models need to be treated specifically.

Post time: Oct-13-2022